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Avast Protects iOS and Android Users from Identity Theft and Wi-Fi Hacking
Avast SecureMe for iOS and Avast Mobile Security’s new Wi-Fi Security feature for Android identify threats and secure users’ mobile connections

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, March 2, 2015Avast Software, maker of the most trusted mobile and PC security in the world, today announced Avast SecureMe, the world’s first application that helps iPhone and iPad users protect their devices and personal data when connecting to Wi-Fi networks. The free app automatically locates Wi-Fi networks and tells users which networks are safe. If the user chooses to connect to unprotected Wi-Fi, Avast SecureMe will create a secure connection. This is the same unique technology that scans Wi-Fi networks for security threats for the more than 175 million PC users that Avast protects.

“Public Wi-Fi and unsecured routers have become prime targets for hackers, which presents new risks for smartphones and tablets – even iOS devices aren’t immune,” said Jude McColgan, president of Mobile at Avast. “Avast SecureMe and Avast Mobile Security offer users a simple, one-touch solution to find and choose safe networks to protect themselves from the threat of stolen personal data.”

Connecting to Wi-Fi networks in public areas such as airports, hotels, or cafes has become commonplace. However, while convenient, open Wi-Fi connections pose a significant risk, especially if they are based off of poorly configured routers – and Avast has found that the majority of routers worldwide are poorly configured. Unsecured routers are susceptible to DNS hijacking, by which cybercriminals redirect web traffic to fake Internet sites. When users log in, for example, to a banking site, thieves can capture the login credentials. On unprotected Wi-Fi networks, thieves can also easily see emails, browsing history, and personal data if a consumer does not use a secure or encrypted connection like a virtual private network (VPN).

Avast SecureMe includes Wi-Fi Security, which scans Wi-Fi connections and notifies the user of security issues. Threats and risks that Avast SecureMe scans for include routers with weak passwords, unsecured wireless networks, and routers with vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. This helps the user make a better decision when choosing a Wi-Fi connection.

Avast SecureMe also features a VPN to secure user connections while they conduct online tasks, such as checking emails, banking, and visiting their favorite social network sites. Avast SecureMe automatically connects to the secure VPN when it detects a user connecting to public Wi-Fi, thus making all transferred data invisible to prying eyes. Users can disable the protection for Wi-Fi connections they trust, like their home network.

Avast SecureMe for iOS will be available soon in the iTunes Store. The Wi-Fi Security feature is now also included in the Avast Mobile Security app for Android, available on Google Play.

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