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2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report

Explore how consumers leave themselves vulnerable to online crime in the 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insight Report. A global omnibus survey of 20,907 consumers in 21 countries, the report examines consumers’ attitudes toward online crime and the personal impact it has on their lives.

Interesting highlights include:

  • The United States is the most susceptible developed country for cyberattacks, where 39 percent of Americans personally experienced cybercrime within the past year, compared to 31 percent of people globally.
  • The Netherlands has the lowest rate of cybercrime experienced in the last year (14 percent).
  • More than any other country, parents in the United States (64 percent) believe their kids are more likely to be bullied online than on a playground, compared to 48 percent of parents globally.
  • If given the option, the majority of those surveyed across all countries would rather reset their smartphone settings than have their browser history made public.