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CCleaner launches next-gen macOS cleaning suite
The 2022 edition of optimization tool CCleaner for Mac comes with a revamped interface, including Photo Cleaner, App Uninstaller, and better cleaning

February 1st, 2022,London, United Kingdom - CCleaner, a leading provider of device optimization, today announced the release of its fully revamped CCleaner for Mac 2. The new offering delivers CCleaner’s features in both a free and premium version. Compatible with the latest release of macOS, CCleaner saves hard drive space, improves performance and boosts privacy – giving users a faster, optimized and more stable Mac. 

The new software cleans Macs even more thoroughly. The disk cleaner enables extensive cleaning that removes leftover cache files and logs from users’ installed Mac apps such as Spotify or Steam as well as built-in macOS services, such as the App Store cache data. These can take up large amounts of storage, a common cause of performance issues. Additionally, CCleaner’s disk cleaner helps find long-forgotten downloads and large files that might be hidden away, such as huge video editing, ISO files or virtual machines.

Browser cleaner takes care of users’ online hygiene by scanning and removing redundant browser cache files, history cookies, and autofill data from the most popular browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, and Edge on macOS. 

The brand new photo cleaner for Mac 2 Professional, detects duplicate and poorly taken photos. It allows users to scan for blurry, badly lit, low-contrast and nearly identical images to help them get back storage space, and find the photos they love much faster. CCleaner’s default recommendation picks the best photo and suggests the remaining ones for deletion. 

With every app users install on their Macs, there is a small and incremental impact on speed, battery life, and free disk. CCleaner’s app uninstaller detects programs which haven’t been started for some time and take up a sizable chunk of storage space. With one click, users can select multiple apps and uninstall them completely, resulting in more space and improved performance. 

David Peterson, General Manager of CCleaner commented, “Even with Apple's advanced technology, MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini, users can still suffer from storage and battery life issues, the result of excessive applications and redundant installed data. Rebuilt from scratch, CCleaner for Mac allows users to optimize ageing devices or keep new ones healthier for longer.”

CCleaner for Mac 2 is now available as a free version which includes disk cleaning, app uninstaller, and duplicate finder features. The Professional version also includes the brand new photo cleaner, automated browser cleaning and more, and can be purchased for $29.95.

About CCleaner

CCleaner was founded in 2004 and is a leading provider of device optimization software. Its portfolio of software tools that optimize computing performance, improves security and extends the useful life of hardware.

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