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CCleaner Adds WireGuard Protocol to its VPN, Increasing Speed by up to 35%
WireGuard replaces OpenVPN as the default protocol in CCleaner’s online privacy tool Kamo, improving security, speed and reliability for people around the world

TEMPE, Ariz. and PRAGUE, Feb. 28, 2023 – CCleaner, a leading global system cleaning and optimization software brand of Gen™ (NASDAQ: GEN), has added the WireGuard protocol into Kamo, its antitrack and online privacy tool. The addition of WireGuard will improve the security, speed and connection reliability of Kamo’s Private Connection mode. The feature creates a private, encrypted tunnel between a Windows PC and the internet, improving privacy protection online and providing a best-in-class experience for CCleaner customers.

“Kamo is a comprehensive set of easy-to-use online privacy features that CCleaner introduced to tackle increasingly complex tracking techniques,” said Sandro Villinger, Head of Product Strategy for CCleaner. “After cleaning and speeding up devices, we wanted to equip people with additional privacy-focused features that enabled them to navigate their online world without concerns about what data is being shared with companies or individuals, and in turn, what they might do with it.”

How WireGuard Works

WireGuard creates encrypted tunnels between a device and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server using the latest cryptographic technology. The protocol’s unique lightweight design and encryption methods, which includes the ChaCha20 algorithm, enhance both security and speed. The latest tests recorded an increase of up to 35% on average in connection speed compared with OpenVPN*. This is due to WireGuard’s faster encryption, optimization for multicore usage and lighter code base, which decreases load times and CPU resources while reducing the attack surface for cybercriminals to exploit.

How Private Connection Benefits Kamo Customers

Private Connection creates a private, encrypted tunnel between a Windows PC and the internet. This helps to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and cybercriminals from tracking online browsing activity by encrypting data traffic, masking the user’s location and IP address, and providing people with a more secure browser experience when connecting to public or unknown Wi-Fi networks. WireGuard gives Private Connection a welcomed speed boost and improves latency giving customers additional performance benefits including more responsive video calls, faster website load times, and faster file downloads speeds in addition to greater privacy online.

“The addition of WireGuard to the Private Connection feature in will improve people’s online privacy and reduce tracking and access restrictions while enhancing speed and the browsing experience,” Villinger continued. “This will help people to take more ownership and control over their digital lives so they can enjoy a freer, fairer internet.”

Kamo was launched in July 2020 to complement the existing online privacy benefits of CCleaner such as the deletion of tracking cookies and browser data from devices. It is currently available in 18 languages and has 58 servers in 36 server locations. WireGuard has replaced OpenVPN as the default VPN protocol in Private Connection to power online freedom for digital citizens around the world. Private Connection is available on Windows 7,8,10 and 11 (except Windows in S mode, Windows running on ARM processor).

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About CCleaner:
CCleaner is a leader in system optimization software, and a brand of Gen™ (NASDAQ: GEN), a global company dedicated to powering Digital Freedom through a family of trusted consumer brands. CCleaner is used by hundreds of millions of people and businesses worldwide. Its portfolio of software tools for Windows, Mac and Android devices optimizes performance, improves security, and extends the useful life of hardware.

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Notes to Editors

* VPN protocol speed based on the internal test results of CCleaner, August 2022 - see the test results here. Over 500,000 automated tests were run, measuring WireGuard and OpenVPN network connection speeds. On average, the download speed with WireGuard enabled was approximately 35% faster than OpenVPN protocol (71.36 Mbps vs 52.67 Mbps). Manual tests also supported this result.

Private Connection VPN not included with trial.

Source: Piriform Software Ltd
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