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LifeLock Provides Identity Protection Tailored for Aging Parents

LifeLock® Senior identity theft protection empowers its members to actively monitor threats to their senior parents’ identities, and receive support if needed

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – November 2, 2017 – LifeLock, a Symantec (Nasdaq: SYMC) company and a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection services, today launched an identity protection product, LifeLock® Senior†, tailored to help adult children protect their senior parents from identity theft. Built with easy-to-set-up permissions, LifeLock Senior allows both the senior member and their adult child the ability to receive potential identity threat alerts††, from financial to criminal.  

“Identity theft can affect anyone, but seniors could be prime targets, as they may be more trusting, and digitally less experienced,” said Dev Patel, Senior Vice President of Products and Technology at LifeLock. “As adult children, we often worry about caring for our senior parents. LifeLock Senior is a solution that can actively monitor threats to your parents’ personal information and send both of you alerts if there’s something suspicious, giving peace of mind in an always-connected world.”

There’s a new victim of identity fraud every two seconds, according to Javelin Strategy & Research, identity theft is a serious problem for many consumers. Over 15 million consumers lost $16 billion to identity fraud in 2016. [1] Additionally, people 50 and older made up 40 percent of all identity theft complaints in 2016. [2]

Together, the LifeLock and Norton brands are redefining what it means to be safe in a connected world. The innovative Symantec brands offer consumers comprehensive protection that helps safely connect people, information and things – everywhere – beyond the device and into the cloud.

“Home ownership in many cases can represent someone’s life savings, so it’s important to protect and help alleviate worry. That’s one reason we included home title monitoring as a key feature of LifeLock Senior,” continued Patel.

Another feature of LifeLock Senior identity protection is the ability for adult children, with permission from their senior parents, to view their parents’ banking activity. The LifeLock member portal provides visibility across financial accounts, giving the adult child a dashboard of their senior parents’ banking transactions where they can actively monitor potential identity threats.

A few key protections offered in LifeLock Senior, which is available to those ages 55 and over, include:

  • LifeLock Identity Alert®System††
    This is the foundation for all LifeLock services. LifeLock monitors for fraudulent use of parent’s Social Security number, name, address, or date of birth in applications for credit and services. The patented system sends alerts by text, phone, ‡‡ or email.
  • Family Member Permissions
    Guided, easy-to-set-up and permissions initiated at enrollment, enabling the adult child to receive alerts†† and respond on their senior parent’s behalf, so they can assist when needed.
  • Home Title Monitoring
    Home and real estate are often seniors’ largest assets, and could be prime targets for identity thieves. LifeLock monitors changes to parent’s home title and alert both the adult child and the senior parent to title transfers, new loans, or liens that could impact your parent financially.
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package†††
    If a parent becomes a victim of identity theft, LifeLock helps protect them with a Million Dollar Protection™ Package.  This includes reimbursement for stolen funds and coverage for personal expenses each with limits up to $100,000, and coverage for lawyers and experts if needed, to help resolve the case.
  • Dark Web Monitoring
    Identity thieves sell personal information on hard-to-find dark web sites and forums. LifeLock patrols the dark web and notifies both the adult child and the senior parent if parent’s data is found.
  • Investment Account Activity Alerts††
    Investment and retirement accounts are often the lifeline for financial growth. LifeLock helps protect parent’s nest eggs from fraudulent cash withdrawals and balance transfers.
  • 24/7 Live Member Support
    LifeLock has live, Identity Protection Agents available to answer questions.


Starting today, LifeLock Senior is available for $19.99 per month per parent. To learn more about LifeLock Senior, visit

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[1] 2017 Identity Fraud Study, Javelin Strategy & Research.

[2] Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book for January-December 2016. Percentages based on those who provided age (96%)

† LifeLock Senior plan is available for purchase by individuals for their parent(s) aged 55 and older.  ID Remediation may require your parent’s involvement.

†† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

‡‡  Phone alerts made during normal local business hours.

†††Reimbursement and Expense Compensation, each with limits of up to $100,000 for Senior. And up to $1 million for coverage for lawyers and experts if needed. Benefits provided by Master Policy issued by United Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members). Policy terms, conditions and exclusions at:

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